Cryo Facial


In a CryoFacial session, a skilled clinician uses a small, controlled stream of nitrogen vapor to rapidly lower the surface temperature of your skin, stimulating a strong rejuvenation that promotes healing and makes you look younger. It works by naturally constricting your blood vessels during the treatment, then allowing them to dilate after it’s over. The quick constriction and dilation of these blood vessels helps to flush out toxins faster, boosting circulation and calming inflammation.


While this therapy originally came about to treat arthritis patients, many CryoFacial reviews have shown that it’s also ideal for restoring a rosy glow to your complexion, reducing swelling in any areas of the face that look a bit puffy and relieving symptoms of rosacea to get a lighter, more even skin tone.


Cryotherapy has lots of advantages


  • These treatments give you younger-looking skin by naturally decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and smoothing out lines in the skin caused by the normal aging process.
  • Your skin becomes tighter and firmer in response to this therapy.
    This therapy repairs dead skin cells and gives your skin greater elasticity because it boosts collagen production.
  • It gives fast relief for skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and other inflammatory skin conditions.
  • The cryo stream stimulates blood flow to help your skin heal more quickly from the inside out.
  • See your pores becoming smaller and more refined as a result of the cryotherapy rejuvenation process.


CryoFacial is the latest technology for natural. non-invasive face treatment, which uses a controlled stream of cold. This treatment is recommended for:

  1.  Decreasing wrinkles and lines,
  2.  Stimulating collagen production,
  3.  Improving blood flow,
  4.  Pores refinement,
  5.  Soothing of eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis
Business Lunch CryoFacial™

Business Lunch CryoFacial™ – 30 min. Includes cleansing the face, 6-7 min of controlled Cryo stream, aroma therapy massage, and moisturizing..


Who gets the best results from this kind of treatment?


Anyone who has inflammatory skin conditions or wants to bring some youth back into their skin in a non-invasive way should consider cryotherapy.


Try cryogenic sessions if you have:

  • any kind of skin irritations or even sunburns
  • chronic redness of the face
  • swelling around the face and neck
  • acne-related ailments
  • skin rashes
  • slight lines and wrinkles that you’d like to lift


Almost anyone can safely use cryotherapy treatments with no side effects, especially if only your face and neck are the primary treatment areas. Only full-body cryotherapy has a few more restrictions on who is eligible to receive sessions for safety reasons. Certain medical conditions are contraindications for full-body cryogenic administrations; contact us to learn more.


What should you expect in a cryo stream or Cry Facial session?


First, the specialist will prepare the skin receiving the treatment by lightly cleansing it. An exfoliating scrub is optional. Then the clinician applies the cooling stream of nitrogen vapor, paying special attention to your forehead, chin, cheeks, nose and chest areas. To most, it feels refreshing and entirely painless. The application of cool air lasts for less than eight minutes. Then your skin feels tighter and more revitalized for up to one week afterward.

Express CryoFacial™

Express Lunch CryoFacial™ – 15 min. Includes cleansing the face, 6-7 min of controlled Cryo stream, and moisturizing.


Here’s everything you need to know to book a cryogenic treatment today


Before your session, it’s best not to apply any lotions or oils. Please remove your jewelry ahead of time. The therapist will help to make sure that your skin is completely dry before administering the cryo stream to keep you comfortable. If you have a full-body cryotherapy session, it’s good to workout before your session so that you’ll have less soreness in your muscles later on. Once it’s all over, you’ll see that the CryoFacial cost is well worth it because of the quick results you’ll notice and how much more smooth and firm your skin will look and feel.

Recovery CryoFacial™

Recovery CryoFacial™ – 60 min. This luxurious experience includes cleansing, extraction, exfoliation, following aroma massage, 6-7 min of controlled Cryo stream, and hydrating facial mask with hand rejuvenating massage.


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